Our philosophy

Our company philosophy described in one word.

It shows what we strive for and how we want to achieve our goals.

Monozukuri - our working principle

The japanese word „Monozukuri" combines development, production, purchasing and service as well as material and immaterial quality and organisational skills. An added value which results in high quality products.

MARKATOR operates after this intention – from the development to the commissioning and service a strong and professional team manages consistently new challenges. The development of new innovations and entrepreneurial spirit promotes the success of our customers and with this we are profitable.

Our target is to offer marking systems which are up to date, functional and with a consistently high quality. In the interest of our customers the use of considered technologies and the cooperation with the best suppliers and partners are very important to us. Satisfied customers with long-term trust in our services and products are our benchmark.

Safety, economy and the protection of healty and natural ressources are also one of our our top priorities.